Business branding for Transformation - the hard edge of branding

A brand consultancy solely for ambitious, visionary fast growth organisations undergoing change - a new strategy, new investors or CEO, a renewed market focus, merger or acquisition, or whose culture or product portfolio is holding back its desired business journey.

  • Branding that identifies and leverages true, differentiating competitive advantage

  • Branding that creates a single, unifying idea for organisations

  • Branding that inspires customers as well as shareholders

  • Branding that creates meaningful customer experiences

  • Branding that creates tangible business value

  • Branding that drives consistency, creativity and connection.

“Richard, at BAA, is the person to turn to when you need to dig deep to extract and action the maximum competitive advantage. He’s fast, effective and relentless. Richard helped us refocus our market strategy and brand positioning on the organizations’ real strengths to maximize our growth and quality of earnings to help build investor confidence. We needed strategic support to optimize the market performance, to create a clear strategy roadmap and to realign the culture(s).”
— Michael Froud, Managing Director at Resonance Asset Management LLP and former CEO,
Clients from Wiggin LLP, the UK's leading media law firm, from private equity backed Alpha Trains and from Nuffield Health discuss the experience of working with Brand Architects Advisory.

Challenging the status quoreinvigorating competitive advantage, driving growth and innovation  and activating cultures to inspire organisational Change. Brand Architects Advisory supports senior management teams, CEOs, transformation teams and private equity investors to use insight-driven, creative, authentic and compelling 360° brand methodologies to create value for their organisations and realign their brands and cultures to their renewed business strategies.

Creativity, consistency and connection are outcomes of truth, insight, definition and structure. Acting as the brand advocate for clients, creating or (re)aligning brands to close the gap that inevitably evolves between the evolving business strategy and the brands that interact with the marketplace.   

Branding at the hard edge of value creation and transformation. 


Branding at the hard edge of value creation and transformation.


Can we help your organisation drive home its new market strategy, align your teams and support your value creation?
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